I will always protect you and your sister. Lutheris to Katherine

Lutheris "Luther" North is the main character. He is the father to Sophia and Katherine North . He is the husband to Elizabeth Black , the daughter of Chazarrae Black. He is the younger brother to Kaiaphas North and the older brother to Brandon North . He is a Warlock -Vampire Hybrid.


Lutheris is the son to unknown parents. He was born in the Kingdom of Norway along with his two brothers Brandon and Kaiaphas. His parents abandoned all three. Lutheris married Chazarrae Black's daughter Elizabeth Black. Chazarae adopted the three as his own sons. Chazarrae's family is decended from the warlock Raziel's bloodline. After Chazarrae adopted the three brothers, he purfied them with the Warlock Cup .

Skills and abilities

  • Immortality- As a warlock, Lutheris was granted immortality. Physically Lutheris does not age and has maintained the appearance of a young man for centuries.
  • Magic- Lutheris has access to magical powers that often manifest themselves as green flames or sparks at his fingertips. Lutheris is capable of casting spells and performing summoning rituals.